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Recent press about Mary Mihelic’s “Running Girls” series:


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BCC Center for Peace, Justice and Reconciliation


  1. I really enjoyed The “Running Girls” exhibit. The artist used a ton of symbolism, some of which I understood and some I didn’t quit understand. I read that When the artist first started her work on the “Running Girls” is when this tragedy first occured, which I believe is one of the reasons why her work turned out to be so touching.


  2. I think the Running Girls exhibit was really insightful. The style of each piece was really different, and it was easy to understand the subject matter. It had really strong symbolism that was a little difficult to pick up at first, like the lace and notebook framing. Reading about all the symbolism used in each piece definitely gave the exhibit a deeper meaning. I thought the desks in one corner of the room had a pretty powerful statement; a good amount of people, including myself just used it as somewhere to sit and write while we were at the exhibit; and it’s crazy to think these girls risked their lives just to get the opportunity to sit in a desk and get an education. It was a good way to show some of the little things we take for granted.


  3. This exhibit was very interesting. I really liked how there were actual foot prints in the art works which symbolized the girls trying to run away. My favorite piece was the “red cross” one which related to the red cross trying to negotiate to get the girls back and safe.


  4. I found this exhibit very compelling. It was interesting how the artist was able to make many different works to explain what was going on with the girls. It was easy to understand that the pictures symbolism the girls who were kidnapped and how some of them were able to run away. The work was meaningful since it was about a real problem occurring in the world.


  5. I loved the exhibit. Each piece had so much symbolism and meaning to it. You could tell that it was well thought out and she executed everything with great knowledge of the events involving the kidnapping of the girls from boarding school.


  6. It was different from what I thought I was going to see. I really didn’t truly understand the art and get the symbolism that much. Once I talked about it with the professor he explained it to me and told me all about the gold stars, the trimming they decided to use for the border and thats when I actually started to think the pictures were actually cool because once I understood some of it I thought it was really clever.


  7. I found the exhibit to be okay. I felt like the artist could have elaborated more in the art work, not just shadings and footprints.I felt she should have used better paintins/drawings. But overall it was pretty cool because I never been to an art gallery before.


  8. The Running Girls exhibition by the artist Mary Mihelic, was a good experience for me because I learned a lot about the Nigerian school girls that were being kidnapped. I found the artwork to be unique. I felt curious when I looked at the drawings’ that the artist has made. I enjoyed all of the artwork because they showed different colors being used and the different positions of the girls. The artist used a lot of curved lines and color. She used symbolism in the drawings, like the black lace tied around the border. In addition, the artwork is a symbol of freedom. It represents courage and strength, which made me enjoy it even more.


  9. The exhibit was very interesting and i’ve learned a lot about what had happened in Nigeria. These art works really spoke to me in a positive and negative way. My favorite was the piece with the girl who had a dress made of tally marks. Showing that it is a good thing that some girls got away, it is very sad about the amount of abuse they’ve been through when they were kidnapped.


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